KillerWatt TS® (Touchscreen):the best system for controlling and saving electrical energy in your hotel

Ideal for small and medium-sized hotels, restaurants, in-house laundry facilities bakeries, and similar businesses

The KillerWatt Shadow® program of EnecoTec constantly analyses and optimises the electricity consumption in your business. It automatically calculates the energy consumption and adjusts it throughout the day to the actual amount of energy required in the building. This allows power peaks to be avoided and significant savings to be made. If desired, the energy consumption can be measured, adjusted, analysed and visualised for the entire building or just single areas.


Measures and displays the electricity consumption
Analyses the electricity requirement
Optimises consumptions and saves electricity
Controls the quality of the electrical energy
EnecoTec makes electricity visible! For the entire building or just single areas

Where do you consume electricity? Where can you save electricity?

Give us a call, we will be pleased to explain how much you can save!

EnecoTec also ensures your safety. Via the KillerWatt TS® touch screen, the quality of the energy provided – voltage, current, and harmonic waves – is controlled, and a warning signal is sent in case of anomalies. This means that faults in the circuit can be located and eliminated quickly.
Call us and ask how it works. We will tell you how much you can save.